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Respirator Exam is designed to rapidly assist companies in complying with OSHA respirator regulations.

(Standards - 29 CFR) Respiratory Protection. - 1910.134

OSHA requires that employees wearing any type of respirator to perform their work must be evaluated by medical personnel.  OSHA also requires that employees must receive training in the wear, care, and repair of their respirator.

RepiratorExam.com provides both of these services.

How It Works

An employee fills out our on-line medical questionnaire.  After submission, the questionnaire is received by our doctors for review.  From there, our doctors can then determine if the employee will be instantly approved to wear a respirator, or if he will require further evaluation.

Most people will be immediately approved within 24 hours.

Employees who cannot be immediately approved will be referred to a doctor for a pulmonary function test—with the test results being faxed to our doctors to complete the evaluation.

Once the employee receives approval to wear a respirator, they should then receive training.  Links to our free training videos for both MSA half mask and full-face respirators can be found below.  The employee can watch the online video to complete the training requirements.

Should your employees be using other types of respiratory devices, we strongly recommend that the manufacturer be contacted for instructions and training.  If your company needs on-site training, we can provide it throughout the local area.

Please contact us for more information.

Respirator Medical Questionnaire — English
$35.00 USD
Cuestionario Médico del Respirador — Español
$35.00 USD

Monthly billing is available for established businesses.

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